Tadabase Support

Tadabase was designed for quick and easy development, but like any new software it comes with a slight learning curve. For this reason, we offer multiple support channels to make getting started with Tadabase as simple and fluid as possible.

Chat Support

To access our live chat support, click on the chat widget located on the left-side navigation menu of the Tadabase builder platform as well as on the main landing page of our Tadabase.io website. Our chat support includes instant, live chat with a human Tadabase support specialist ready to assist with any questions you may have.


Chat support is offered for the duration of your free trial and is included in our Pro, Premium, and Bronze plans. Chat support is available from 9AM to 6PM PST. For 24/7 or emergency chat support, please email support@tadabase.io to inquire about our custom enterprise plans.


Email Support

Email support is available for the duration of your free trial and is included with all paid plans. You can initiate our stellar email support by emailing support@tadabase.io

Community Forum

Receive support and inspiration from fellow Tadabase users by accessing the Tadabase community at https://community.tadabase.io


The community forum is intended for Tadabase users to connect with and assist one another. It is not a forum for users to reports bugs or contact Tadabase support.

Video Guides

Explore the Tadabase YouTube Channel to access our comprehensive video support library which covers most support issues from getting started basics to advanced features and settings. Videos range from short "how to" clips to longer, in-depth demonstrations of building apps from start to finish.



Tadabase currently conducts two webinars every month. The first webinar is held at 12PM on the first Tuesday of each month. The second Webinar is held at 10PM on the third Tuesday of each month. Occasionally, we may conduct spontaneous webinars to demonstrate newly released features or live application-building tutorials of one of our team members building a custom app from start to finish on our Tadabase builder platform. 

Solutions Portal

Help yourself to all the Tadabase solutions and learning materials you may need via this solutions portal. Use the search feature to quickly find targeted solutions to your specific questions, or browse the FAQs, Complete Manual, or Solutions Guide for a comprehensive, step by step guide on all Tadabase solutions and features. 


While Tadabase was designed to be the no-code application builder anyone can use, we understand that some people may prefer to outsource their application building. If you are looking to hire an experienced, Tadabase-verified developer to build your application for you, our Tadabase Partners Program will connect you with a qualified Tadabase expert who can build your custom application according to your exact app goals and requirements. 

Paid Consultations

Within Tadabase, there is a department dedicated to 1:1 paid consultation and support for customers who require additional support beyond the standard free consultation, email, and chat support. The fee for paid consultations with a Tadabase support specialist via phone, Skype, or screen-share is $175/hour and can be coordinated by emailing support@tadabase.io.


Support Tiers

Tadabase offers several levels of support depending on your plan. Each plan includes specific response times and daily support limits as can be seen in the table below. 

  Plans Email Chat Zoom/Phone Response Time Daily Limit Dedicated Agent
Standard Basic, Plus Yes No No 24 Hours 30 Minutes No
General Pro Yes Yes No 8 Hours 1 Hour No
Priority Premium Yes Yes No 4 Hours 2 Hours No
Priority + Bronze Yes Yes No 2 Hours 3 Hours No
Enterprise All Enterprise Yes Yes Yes** < 30 minutes 4 Hours Yes

*All hours are based on working hours of 9AM to 6PM PST. 
**Zoom and phone support is limited to 1 hour a week.