App Security

Auto logout

App Auto Logout can be located in an app’s Security Settings within the Settingstab of the builder. With this option enabled, users are logged out after the specified amount of time of inactivity. Time can be configured to various options from 1 minute to 60 minutes.

When this functionality runs a logout after the set amount of inactivity, the configurable message is shown.

IP whitelisting

IP Security options can be located in an app’s Security Settings within the Settings tab of the builder. When this option is enabled, you can choose to allow or block specified IP addresses. Each address listed should be on a separate line in the IP text box.

Pro Tip: to show the user their IP address as part of the custom message add {ip} in the custom message box.
For example: Your IP {ip} is not authorized to view this page. 
{ip} will be replaced with their IP Address. 

If an attempt to access your app is made from an IP address that is not permitted, no access to any component or layout is allowed so only the configured message will show.

When developing your app, we advise restricting your app to only be viewed by your IP. 

Read only app

The Read-Only option can be set in an app’s General Settings within the Settings tab of the builder. Enabling this feature shows a configurable message. This message is used upon attempted form submission or record update of any kind on the front end.

It should be noted that this option is typically enabled for template apps, so this may need to be disabled when utilizing a copy of a template app.

SSL certificates

When using a custom domain you can do so without an SSL certificate which will result in Google Chrome showing your users a security alert. To avoid this make sure to use the custom CNAME value we will create for your app.