Custom Domain

You're always more than welcome to use a sub-domain at, for example: to host your apps. But if you'd like to have your domains hosted using your own domain here's how you do that: 

At this time, we only allow the use of sub-domains, not root domains, as custom domains. 

✅ Example sub-domain:
❌ Example root domain:

If you already have a domain, or are purchasing a new domain, please reference instructions per your hosting provider on how to create sub-domains.

  1. Within your app, click on Settings > Domain Settings 
  2. In the custom domain section enter the domain name you wish to use for this app. Keep in mind that is not the same as



That's all you need to do on the app, the next step is to log onto wherever your DNS is hosted (ie. GoDaddy etc) and create a new CNAME record and forward it to  


Root Domains: 

We use CNAME's instead of IP addresses to mitigate any single points of failure. IP Addresses are generally assigned to a specific resource vs. a Load Balancer that can ensure reliability and redundancy. On Enterprise plans, you can add root domains as well as multiple domains in the same app. If you require having Root Domain ability while not on Enterprise plans, you can purchase a Static IP that uses special global broadcasting to mitigate any single points of failure. The cost of a dedicated IP address is $1200/year.

IMPORTANT: Never use our IP address in your A record. We use load balancing and auto-scaling technology which crash your site the moment anything changes. 



If you've updated the CNAME record and the site is still not loading correctly, please check the following. 

  1. Make sure the DNS record shows up correctly here: or
  2. Be sure to only enter the subdomain part of your URL in your DNS settings. When creating a CNAME record, make sure to only put in your subdomain as the host, not the full domain. If you're planning on using, only enter 'app' for the host value. 
  3. Getting an SSL Error? Custom Domains are not available during trial periods. 

If you plan to use the Map component or the Address autocomplete, we will need to whitelist your custom domain. Please contact us about this via chat or email.