What is Image Component?

Image components are components that you may upload an image to display on your page or layout. This component contains various options to configure your image to appear as needed on your pages.

All static images -images not added into a data table can be reused by clicking on My Images. 

Images have several settings: 




This will add a caption below the image. 


Alternative Text

When browsers are disabled from showing images, or image fails to otherwise load, this text will be displayed. This can also be helpful for Search Engine Optimization. 



Choose how to align your image. 



By default the image will remain the same size as the image uploaded, you can choose to set a custom size here. 

  • Setting only the width or the height will increase the size and keep the aspect ratio even if one value is blank. 
  • Setting both values will set the picture to this exact dimensions. 



Responsive images will attempt to follow the size specified above but will adapt to the screen size as well. 

For example:

  • If an image is inside a column which is 250 pixels wide and the image is set to be 300px - the image will be scaled down to 250px. 
  • If an image is inside a column which is 250 pixels wide and the image is set to be 100px - the image will be scaled down to 100px  and keep the aspect ratio. 


Popup Modal 

When enabled this will open the picture in a large pop up window when pressed.




To make the image a link to route users to external sites, enable this option. 



You can also customize the Design of your Image Component. Adding special customizations to text, background, border, spacing, and CSS. See here for more details on each tab.