What Is No-Code?

No-code refers to the ability to rapidly create complex applications without writing a single line of code. As the most powerful no-code database application builder on the market, the Tadabase platform empowers anyone to create sophisticated, enterprise-grade applications that can be limitlessly customized and scaled with no coding or programming skills necessary. 

How does no-code development work?

No-code does not refer to the absence of code, rather it refers to the replacement of code with a visually intuitive, drag and drop interface. 

Can I really build enterprise-grade applications without code?

Yes! Not only can you build powerful applications without code, you can build it exponentially faster and easier as complex coding has been replaced by visually intuitive modeling and drag and drag ease.   

Can I enhance my application with some custom code if I wish?

Go ahead! While you do not need any code to create an advanced, enterprise-grade application, Tadabase does provide the ability for programmers and code-friendly people to enhance their apps with custom JavaScript and CSS.