Export Templates

What are export templates?

Export templates enable you to pre-define records to be exported with the click of a button.ย 

Why use export templates?

Using export templates can be highly useful in cases when you need systematic exports of data with pre-defined conditions and settings.

For instance, say that every Sunday you need to export all the records from the previous week and include specific field values and conditions. You can accomplish this weekly, pre-defined export by creating an export template and auto-generating your perfectly defined CSV with just a click of a button.

Creating Export Templates

To create a new export template, click on Automation on the left-hand side of the Builder. Click on Export Template and then click on the Create an Export Template button to create a new export template.


A new window will pop up prompting you to name your new export template, select a Data Table, and add the fields you wish to include within the export template. 2022-01-21_22-07-39.png

Click the Field Mapping tab to choose to either click Add New Fieldย button to add a field from your data table one at a time or you can click on the Add All Fields button to add all fields from your data table at once.


When you add fields to include in your export, you can choose to rename fields as you would like them to be displayed within the exported file's columns.


Export Conditions

When creating your export template, you can choose to add conditions to only export records that match your pre-defined criteria. For instance, you can enable your users to export records but only the records that belong to them.

To create an export condition, click on the Add Record Condition button and create your condition that if met, only those records will be exported.


This Conditions setting is optional.

Sort By

Within the Sort By setting, you can choose to pre-define a specific sorting display for your exported file columns. You can choose a field/column you wish to sort exported file columns by as well as a sorting order of ascending or descending.

This Sort By setting is optional.


Once you have completed adding fields and customizing your Export Template, click the Save button to save your Export Template for future use.

Using Export Templates

Once you have created your Export Template, you can use your Export Template either in the Data Builder or on the live app.ย 

In the Data Builder

You can use your Export Template in the Data Builder with the Records Tab of the data table from which you would like to export records. Click on the Export button within the selected data table and choose the Export Template you wish to use.ย 


Note: If you added conditions within your Export Template that are only applicable from the frontend of your app, no records will be exported. For instance, if you added a condition to only export records assigned to the logged-in user, no records will be exported if you are using the export template within the Data Builder/ not on the live app.ย 

On the live app

You can use your Export Templates to empower users to export records from the live app. To enable your users to use an export template to export records from the live app, you must enable the export option within a Table Component. Please click here to learn more about enabling the export option within a table component.

Coming soon there will be a standalone export component that can be used without using the table component.ย