Platform Overview

What is the Tadabase platform?

The Tadabase platform refers to the Tadabase no-code application builder you can use to build apps without code. 

You can navigate the builder platform via the vertical Builder Navigation Bar located on the left-side of the builder platform. 



The Builder Navigation Bar is static and will remain constant no matter where you are in the builder platform. 

Using the Builder Navigation Bar, you can navigate to the two major sections of the builder where you will build out your app:

1. The Data Builder- where you define your data structure using data tables, fields, and records.

2. The Page Builder- where you design the interface through which your users will add and interact with your data on the live app.

The live app refers to the live version, or front-end, of your application. It is where users can add and interact with your data on the front-end when they visit the URL assigned to your application. You can access the live app from the page builder platform anytime by clicking on the Preview Page button located on the right corner of the builder platform. 



Once you build out your app using the Data Builder and Page Builder sections of the builder, you can use the additional sections in the builder to customize and enhance your app. You can navigate to these additional builder sections using the Builder Navigation Bar. 

Settings- This is where you can customize your general and advanced app settings. 

Help- Submit a ticket request to receive help from a Tadabase support specialist.

Chat Support- Customers with certain Tadabase plans can live chat with Tadabase support specialists. 

What's New- View the latest builder platform updates including feature releases, fixes, improvements, and more.

Additionally, you can click on your Tadabase account menu icon located on the bottom of the Builder Navigation Bar to update your Tadabase account settings, including your subscriptions, profile, and password, as well as to log out of your builder account.



At the very top of the Builder Navigation Bar, you can also click on the Tadabase logo to view and access all apps associated with your builder account.



Now that we have defined the Tadabase builder platform and its sections, let's explore the first section of the builder that you will use to build your app- the Data Builder.