Tadabase Builder Security

Within the Tadabase builder platform, there are several security features you can implement to secure your builder account.

Platform login logs

To trigger an automated email any time your Tadabase builder account is logged into, enable the Send Login Email Notifications option in your profile settings within the builder. Each successful login will trigger an email to the email address on your account. https://build.tadabase.io/#!/profile/edit


To access your profile settings, click on the Tadabase logo on the bottom of your app's navigation bar and select the Edit Profile option. 



Alpha features

Alpha features can be enabled through your app’s General Settings within the Settings tab of the builder. 

Enabling this option shows all alpha features that are currently available in the builder. Upon enabling this feature, any alpha feature will automatically appear in the builder signified with an orange alpha icon.

Please note that, although alpha features are enabled for use, these features are not fully released during this stage. This means that there may be occurrences where an alpha feature may not work as intended. While we encourage anyone working in the builder to check out the features and welcome all feedback, features in alpha are not supported until full release.