Sharing your app builder

At any point when building out your app, you can share your app's builder with other users of your choice and invite them to collaborate with you on building out your app. When you share your app's builder with another user(s), that builder is referred to as a shared builder

Shared builders empower you to share your app building experience with other valuable users, invite collaboration into your app's development, and work more efficiently with strategic and controlled app collaboration. There are many circumstances where shared builders can have high-value impact, including team managers sharing their builders with team members for strategic insight, app developers sharing their builders with clients for input at select stages, and business owners sharing their builders with employees for increased app efficiency.

Please Note: Shared builders are included with Tadabase plans of Pro and above. At this time, shared builders are included with trial periods.

You can view your subscription plan details at any time by clicking here. You can view the total shared builders allowed to your account within the Advanced section of your subscription plan details as illustrated in the image below.


Sharing your builder

To share your builder, simply click on the Share button at the very top right-hand corner of your app. You will then be prompted to enter the email address (required) and name (optional) of the person with whom you wish to share your builder. To ensure your granular control, you will also have the option to customize the edit-access you wish to grant this collaborator when s/he collaborates on your shared builder. You can enable or disable this collaborator's ability to modify the data builder, modify the page builder, and/or modify app settings. When you're ready, click Share



By default, edit-access to modify the Data Builder, Page Builder, and app settings is granted and collaborators will have access to edit all aspects of your app unless you disable any/all of these three modification settings. If you choose to  restrict edit-access to the Data Builder, Page Builder, or app settings, collaborators will still have viewing access but they will be restricted from making any changes within the restricted area of your builder. 

Please Note: Restricting edit-access to the Data Builder will still allow users to add, edit, and delete records. This access restriction is only for modifying the schema and other Data Builder settings. 


When Modify Data Builder is disabled, the following features will be impacted. 

❌ Not Allowed ✅ Allowed
Adding/editing tables Importing records
Adding/editing fields Editing records
Adding/editing Table Rules Adding records
Adding/editing Webhooks Batch updates/deletes

Adding/editing table settings

Exporting records
Adding/editing import templates Rearrange field order
Adding/editing export templates  
Clear User Login Logs  

Add/edit user roles



When Modify Page Builder is disabled, the following features will be impacted. 

❌ Not Allowed
Adding/editing layouts
Adding/editing pages
Adding/editing CSS
Adding/editing Javascript

Changing page and layout settings

Deleting pages/layouts
Copying pages


When Modify App Settings is disabled, the following features will be impacted. 

❌ Not Allowed
Editing General Settings
Editing layout and format settings
Editing Domain settings
Editing Security Settings

Logout active sessions

Deleting pages/layouts
Editing SEO Settings
Editing Themes
Editing 404 Error Page
Editing Header/Footer code
Editing email settings
Adding/editing app variables
Editing file storage settings
Editing text message settings
Adding/editing API keys (API Keys will still be visible)
Enabling disabling support


Upon clicking the Share button, an invite email will be sent inviting the user to collaborate with your shared builder.

If the invited user is already a Tadabase user/customer, the invite email will appear as such:

If the invited user is not an existing Tadabase user/customer, the invite email will include additional instructions guiding the invited user to first register for Tadabase.

Upon logging in to their existing Tadabase accounts or signing up for a new Tadabase account, the invited user will see your shared app within their My Apps tab with a Shared tag as illustrated below:


Collaborating on shared builders

Once your invited users gain access to your shared builder, you can begin working together within the same app builder, even at the same time.

If you've restricted access to specific parts of the builder, any changes attempted by collaborating users will result in an error message notifying them that they do not have access to make these changes:

This error message will appear for any changes attempted within restricted sections of your shared builder.  


Change management

When multiple users are working within a shared builder at the same time, changes made by one user within the Data Builder will not be reflected for other users until their browsers are refreshed.

In contrast, changes made within the Page Builder are managed automatically and any changes made by one user within the Page Builder do not require browser refreshing in order to reflect to other users. 


Locking data tables

As changes made within the Data Builder of a shared builder are not managed automatically, Tadabase recommends that collaborating users lock the specific data table they are working on/editing for the duration of their editing needs within that data table. They can lock the specific data table they are working on by hovering over the data table and clicking Lock:


Once a data table is locked, it can not be edited by any other user until the lock has been removed. 

Please Note: App owners can override locked data tables by removing Data Builder edit-access for the collaborator who locked the data table. 


Locking pages

While collaborating users are advised to manually lock the data table they are currently editing within the Data Builder, Page Builder locking is managed for you automatically.

Every time a collaborator opens a page in the Page Builder, that page will be automatically locked and can only be modified by the current collaborator. When other collaborating users open the same page, they will see a message displayed on the bottom of the page informing them that the page is currently being edited and by whom:

Other users will not be allowed to make changes to the page until the current collaborator working on this page leaves the page. Once the current collaborator leaves the page, the lock is automatically removed. 

This process occurs automatically and pages are automatically locked and unlocked every time collaborators open and leave each page. 


There are several restrictions to note for locking pages within the Page Builder:

  • Each user can only lock a single page at a time. If a user is working on several tabs at once (which Tadabase does not recommend), only the most recent tab will be successfully locked under that user. 

  • If a page is idle for 30 minutes, the page lock will be released.

  • App owners can override locked pages by saving the page, even when the page is currently being edited by another user.