Link Button

For instance, the page below has two Link Button components that redirect specific users to specific app pages when clicked. 


You can configure each link button's title/CTA as well as the specific page that each button links to. Let's discuss how to add link button components and configure each link button according to your exact needs. 


A new window will pop up prompting you to enter a Button Title which is the title that will display on the link button, such as a Call To Action. You will also be prompted to select a Page Link to redirect to when this link button is clicked. 



There are two types of pages you can link with the Link Button component:

Parent Page Link:

As a reminder, a parent page is any page that was manually created by you by adding a page. Child pages are pages created dynamically when adding certain links like "Details" into component. 



Linked Page

A linked page can be added to any child page and can redirect to any page that's connected to the current record.

For example, a Table Component may have 2 links to child pages:

  1. one to view details of a record
  2. edit a record.

Additionally, you can redirect to a child page of a record that's connected to this record. For example, if this job record connects to a user, we can redirect to the details page of this user.