User Login Updates

We've made several updates to add extra layers of security to your app. 

2 Factor Authentication

Enable 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) which will require anyone logging in via email to verify their email using a one time 6-digit code. Enable 2FA by going to Settings > User Settings > General > set Two Factor Authentication to Enabled.


Log Failed Login Attempts

You can now enable the ability to log all failed login attempts to your app. When this setting is enabled, you will also be able to see details relevant to the failed login attempts such as which accounts were attempted.

To enable the Log Failed Login Attempts setting, go to Settings > User Settings > General > set Log Failed Login Attempts to Enabled.


Block User IPs

Once the Log Failed Login Attempts setting is enabled, you can then choose to block the IPs of users with a specific number of failed login attempts for a specific amount of time. For instance, you can specify that after 3 failed login attempts, block the user's IP for 3 minutes.

You can view all blocked users and manually remove any blocked users from the Blocked Users tab under Settings>User Settings.