PDF Functionality Updates

Recently, our team has been digging into the PDF Component to add functionality and revamp the entire thing.

We're super excited to share many more updates but we'll start off with some new functionality for PDFs.

We've added support for Card Components.

Previously, the only Data Components available for use in a PDF were Table, List, and Details.

Adding a Card Component to a PDF is a great way to add detailed rollups, calculations, and summaries to your document in a stylish manner. Additionally, since this works the same as outside a PDF, you can add a static value to a Card as well.


New functionality for Table Components in PDFs

We've added the ability to add connected and related fields to a Table Component in a PDF.

By adding this functionality, it's no longer necessary to save connected values to a record in order to display them in a PDF, or display an additional Details Component 👍

That's all for now!

Happy building ❤️