Partner Builder API (preview)

We are in the final stages of developing our Tadabase Partner API which will unlock limitless capabilities for Tadabase Partners and their clients to create and modify just about anything in their apps using API endpoints. This means that you and your clients can make instant, powerful changes to your apps without ever having to log into the Builder.

The implications for the Partner API are endless, but some examples of the incredible ways you can utilize the API include:

  • Create an interface for your clients to update their app settings
  • Allow your clients to change their domain names
  • Access impactful logs not available in the Builder such as builder logins, backups, and page views

Using API endpoints, you and your clients will be able to create and modify your apps including the ability to:

  • Copy your app
  • Add new tables
  • Add new fields
  • Set page settings/options
  • Change app settings (Domain/layout etc.)
  • and so much more

At this time, nearly all options available in the Builder will work from the API except for the ability to add content to app pages and layouts which must still be done in the Builder. 

Currently, the Tadabase Partner API is in beta and available only to a select group of partners who have been closely involved in its development. We aim to launch the API to all partners in the near future.