Multi-Step Forms

We are so pleased to introduce Multi-Step Forms!



Create multi-page and multi-step forms to collect data and direct workflows in a simple, visual, step by step process.

Creating multi-step forms is easy- just click on the +Add New Step button on the top menu of your form component and add your steps. Each step will be added within a new form page to create a multi-step/page form.


Once you add your steps and preview your form, you'll see that the Previous, Next, and Submit buttons have been automatically added and managed for you behind-the-scenes by Tadabase. But of course, in true Tadabase style, you'll also have the option to override the default settings and fully customize these buttons and other form aspects if you choose ;) 

If you choose, multi-step forms can be fully customized with custom behaviors, classes, button texts and colors, and more. 

A few technical things to keep in mind: 

  1. You can add more than one submit button but they will all be formatted to look the same. 
  2. All Display, Submit, and Validation rules work the same way even when the fields are in different steps. 

We are extremely excited to release multi-step forms and can't wait to see how you create powerful, step by step forms to enhance your data collection and workflow processes. Play around with this new feature and let us know what you think!