Custom Component

The Custom Component is a brand new way to create your own data components from scratch.

Are you familiar with HTML and CSS? The Custom Component is a solution for you.

While the traditional components available to you in the Page Builder offer some design capabilities like background color, border styles, and font styles; they are preconfigured to look and behave a certain way. The Custom Component is a blank slate with nearly all the power of our native components.

To put this in perspective, what if you wanted to display your records in a way that looks like Facebook posts? Totally possible with the Custom Component.

Here’s an example:


The Custom Component is part of Tadabase’s suite of Power Features; features that allow you to extend your application beyond the scope of a No-Code platform. Where other platforms might prefer you stay neatly packed inside a box, Tadabase tears the box open and lets you interact with your data in a wild, powerful, and imaginative way.

Check out this video playlist demonstrating how to use the Custom Component and some of its features.

The Custom Component is not yet enabled for all users and is currently only available by request. If you're interested in trying the Custom Component - please email