Builder UI Updates

We have big plans for the user interface of our Builder to improve the overall design and user experience and we're very excited to start rolling these updates out. To begin, we've started with some small UI redesigns to set the stage for future updates. Here's what we're sharing today...

Cleaned the Pipes!

We've redesigned the installation page for Pipes to be cleaner and more intuitive. You'll see familiar tabs to + Install Pipe and + Add Pipe, but we've moved the Pipe search and Pipe Categories to the top of the page. Pipes cards have also been redesigned to be more easily viewed on screen.



"My Apps" gets an overhaul

There have been some minor changes to the My Apps screen, which is the first page you'll see after logging in.

  • The clickable area of an App is more clearly defined
  • New hover animation for hovering over an App
  • Slight color and style changes

The biggest change that is new to the My Apps page is App Folders. Previously, there was no way to sort or organize all of your apps. With the addition of App Folders, you can now create unique folders to organize your apps any way you wish.



Better access to Help resources

We've redesigned and condensed how you access the plethora of helpful Tadabase resources. By clicking on the Help button, you'll not only find the content you're familiar with, such as Chat Support, Video Guides, and Support Ticket submission. You'll also find some new links too, such as direct links to our Blog and Community Categories, Tadabase Status, Developer Documentation, and more.



Quick access info drawers for Data Tables and Pages

We're really focused on making it easier for users to access the many settings that Tadabase offers. Data Tables and Pages both have their own dedicated Settings tab, but we've now added a Quick Access Info Drawer to easily view various settings without having to go into the Settings tab.


For Data Tables, you'll be able to see an overview of how many...

  • Fields
  • Rules
  • Tasks
  • Import Templates
  • Export Templates
  • Webhooks

For Pages, you'll be able to see an overview of...

  • Does the page have any CSS?
  • Does the page have any JavaScript?
  • Page Rules
  • Page Security
  • Page Status
  • Home Page

That's all for now!

Happy building ❤️