New! Select connected fields from table and list views in a form

We've just released two exciting new ways to select connected fields within a form.

Previously, when selecting a connected field within a form, the only method was a simple dropdown list which would display the connected field options. 

With this new update, there are now three ways to select connected fields:

  1. Dropdown (original)
  2. Table View (New!)
  3. List View (New!)

Let's take a brief look at the new table and list views.

Table View

Connected field options will display in a clean and comprehensive table view. 

Table View allows you to choose up to five field values to be shown when selecting a connected record. Once selected, the record will slide up above the field and can be removed if necessary. 

connected Field Table

List View

List View is similar to Table View but formatted as a list with the field titles above each field value. 

connected Field List