Background Equation Updates

Tadabase is already fast 🚀

...but as your app grows larger, it's likely that you have added many different types of equation fields, from complex-formula fields to basic formula fields. When you're interacting with your application via forms or inline-editing, all of those equation fields require time to update in order to maintain data integrity and display accurate and up-to-date data. This is a natural process of building database applications.

Here's the thing: there's plenty of instances where you don't need those equations to update right now.

We've added the ability to process equations in the background while adding/editing data via Forms and while editing via Inline Edit.

This means that your forms and inline edits will be blazing fast. After your adding or editing is submitted, equations will process in the background leaving you free to continue working in your app without any wait time.

Inside the Form Component, you'll find a new toggle under the Options menu and for components that support Inline Editing, you'll also find a toggle there as well. That's all you need to do to give your app an extra boost!


That's all for now!

Happy building ❤️