What is a layout

Layouts, or Layout Templates, allow you to build a page structure that will be consistent across multiple pages of your app. So suppose you want certain pages in your app to have your logo and a menu in the header, you would build this layout and then assign that layout to whichever pages you wish.

Adding a new layout

To add a new layout make sure you’re in the Page Builder section and press + Add Layout. Give your layout a name and press Save.

Layout Content

Within the Layout Content you can add Rows, Columns and System Components within those columns. Each layout must have a Page Container.

Page container

The page container is a required pre-defined section of the page designated for the page to be loaded into. This can’t be removed but can be reordered on a page to appear above or below other rows.

When user requests to go to a specific page, the page will be loaded into the “Page Container” section of the chosen layout. If no layout is chosen, the page will be loaded on its own, independent of the layout. In the illustration below you can see we have 2 pages and one layout. The layout has a menu at the top which will be visible to all pages which use this layout.