What is a Menu Component? 

The menu component enables you to add a navigation menu bar with links to route users to specific pages or login/logout.

There are 5 types of links that can be added to a menu.








Image can be used to show an image such as a logo directly inside the navigation bar. 






Menu Customization

Menus can be customized to either be vertical or horizontal as well as adding icons and submenus. 

Menu Layout

By default all menus will be structured horizontally which will appear like this: 


However, by editing the settings of the menu you can change it to Vertical: 


Which will make the page look like this: 

Keep in mind, to make this work we had to also change around the structure of the layout so the Page Container is inside the row with the menu. 


Using this method will add some limitations in terms of restricting the granular permissions over the row. 



Child Menu Items

To add child menu items click the "+" sign inside the menu you want to add a child option for. 


This will result in the menu appearing as follows: 

You can add multiple levels of child menus


Adding Icons

You can add icons to each menu item to enhance the look of the menu: 



Menu Alignment

Menus can be aligned right or left by changing the alignment:menu-alignment.jpg


Naming your menus

When adding new pages in the page builder, you'll have the option of automatically adding a link in a specific menu.

If you have more than one menu, you can name them to more easily differentiate them.