What is the signup component?

Signup components are where new users of an app can submit their user profile information. This component is very similar to a Form Component in that it is highly customizable in comparison to many of our other System Components.

By default, on the front end, the form that a new user sees prompts for a name, password, and email. Upon submission, these values are added as a new record to the Default Users table in the Data Builder.

The signup component is essentially a regular form component and can be customized with all the same settings and rules. The only 2 differences are:

  • Auto Login 
  • Password Complexity

To learn more about using forms please click here.

Auto Login 

The only difference between a standard form and the signup form is the ability to auto log users in after successfully signing up. Inside the option of the signup component you'll see the "Auto Login After Signup" option.


Password Complexity 

To add extra security to your app, we recommend setting password complexity requirements for your users. This will be validated when a user tries to signup. Click here to learn more about adding password requirements to your application. 


Disable Signups

To disable signups you can go to user settings: 


When disabling signups, the signup component will not be shown. This message will be shown instead: