Basic Settings

Basic Settings


Name your app anything that makes sense to you. Once your app is named the domain information will not be updated when changing your app name. 


This is the icon that will be displayed when viewing your list of apps. This icon is simply to help you identify your apps better. 


Description is for your reference only, add a description to track the purpose of each app. 

Time Zone

Timezone will determine which values to convert the time fields in your app to. Changing the time zone will only apply to new records updated created, not the existing records in the database.

The date and time you save is exactly what is saved in the database, no conversion is done except for things that are done on the server. For example: if you have a record rule that sets the date/time to current data and time, since this is done on the server your timezone will be used to convert the date/time to your timezone. 


Advanced Features

Alpha Features

Overtime new features are released and go through a 2 stage process before being rolled out entirely. First stage is Alpha, then Beta. During the alpha stage things wlll be quite buggy and support is not offered for items in Alpha. Once it's in beta stage 

We don't recommend using Alpha features in your production application. However, you can enable those features. 

Help window

On the side of each page there is a help window that can be hidden if you wish. 

Read only

When building your app or during maintenance you can set the Read Only to Yes which will not allow anyone to add or edit any records in your app. This is useful for example, if you are using your app in a demo mode. At Tadabase we use read only so apps on our templates page can be fully viewed and interacted with, but not edited. 

You can set a custom message to be displayed when a change is attempted. 

Create with Badge

On the bottom right-hand side of each page in your app a created with badge will appear, you can remove this from your app by hiding it. When hidden it will not even show up in the source code of the page. 

Badge can't be hidden in apps subscribed to basic plan or during the trial period. 

Default App

Each app works with either a Tadabase subdomain or your own domain. An example of the subdomain is:

However, when using subdomain since each subdomain can be associated with all the apps in your account, users must also specific the name of the app. 

For example:

You can choose to set a Default App - this is the app that will be used when your tadabase subdomain is used without any app name specified. In this case when someone goes to it will route to the app with this setting enabled. 

Don't forget to also make sure your default app has a homepage set for it. Click here to learn more about that. 


Layout and formatting

Here you can choose the default date and time formats that should be used throughout your app. In the event that in some places it needs to be overwritten and another format should be used, you can do that in the field level settings. 

Fixed vs. Fluid

Every layout, page and row can be set to either fixed or fluid. Fixed will make the page 'fixed' on the page and on wide screens will not use up the entire screen. Fluid will fill up the entire browser width. 

404 Page

When a page is accessed that does't exist a custom '404 message' will appear. Here you can customize what this message says. 

Header Code

Add any analytics, tracking or other scripts here. It will load on each and every page. 


Support Settings

Support Settings

When you request support, the Tadabase support team by default does not have access to your account. By enabling this option you will give the team access to all the apps in your account. You can disable it anytime. Never share your login credentials with anyone, when support is necessary use this approach instead since many security measures are in place which wouldn't otherwise be used when sharing your credentials.