Vehicle VIN Decoder

The Vehicle VIN Decoder is a pipe that has several methods to help with car related items. For example, decode a vin, get the port location or get a specific car image. 



Getting started

1) Create an account here (not associated or affiliated with Tadabase):

2) Get Partner Token and Authorization Key from here:

3) Add the credentials from step 2 to the Global Parameters of this pipe: 


Using the Pipe

After the pipe is properly set up, you can begin using this pipe anywhere where pipes are available. 

For example: 

  • Form Record Rules - After a vin is submitted get all the vehicle info and save it to the database. 
  • Live form - like in the animation above, populate fields in the form without having to click submit. This is useful if you want to give your users the opportunity to make changes after the data has been loaded. 
  • Data Components - When displaying data inside any data component you can add a pipe to pull in car details based on the VIN you have in the database and then show those columns in real time. (Careful as this can eat up your API quota). 
  • Validation Rules - When used in validation you can validate against a response value. In this example, if the VIN is for a vehicle older than 2010 we can respond with an error and not submit the form. 
  • Page Rules - when viewing a details page you can trigger a pipe to get the vehicle details of a this vin and do page rule actions based on the respone. 
  • HTML Components  - Add the pipe and pass values based on logged in user or record details (when on details page) and show the respone values directly in the HTML.