Text Pipes

What is the Text Function Pipe?

The Text Pipe enables you to dynamically update text strings to a nearly endless variety of customization.

The Text Pipe requires a text string to be converted and the functions(s) to be triggered. 

For instance, you can use a Text Pipe to take any text string and convert and/or validate against it to ensure that it meets your unique requirements.

Suppose you want to ensure that every time someone writes "Tadabase" it automatically adds an exclamation point at the end. You can do that easily with ensureRight('!'). This function will ensure that the exclamation point exists, and if it does not exist, the exclamation point will be added and then returned as the new text value. 

Chaining functions together

You can also daisy chain functions together by adding a -> between each function, letting the system to know to start at the left and move through each function, transforming the latest updated text along the way.  

Keep in mind that the the function starts at the far left and the next function transforms the results of the function run prior to it. 

For example, if you want to add 'https://' to every instance of 'tadabase' you can use this function: ensureLeft('https://'). However, if you daisy chain another function to the first, like so: ensureLeft('https://')->ensureLeft('Check Us Out at: '), it will first add https:// and then add 'Check Us Out at: ' to the left of that. 

Result: Check Us Out at: https://tadabase

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Text Pipe Functions

Here is a list of the different types of Text Pipe functions you can utilize.