Mortgage Calculator Pipe

Enter the loan details and get the loan amortization schedule and a summary of all payments.

  • Loan Amount - Enter the loan amount in USD. (Example: 100000)
  • Loan Term Years - Enter the number of years the loan is for. (Example: 30)
  • Interest - Enter the interest rate as a number. (Example: If the interest rate is 5.5%, enter 5.5)
  • Annual Payments - Enter the number of annual payments. (Default: 12)

This API call returns the following responses: 

  • Loan Amount - The Loan Amount entered.
  • Loan Term Years - the Loan Term Years entered.
  • Interest - The Interest entered.
  • Annual Payments - The number of annual payments entered.
  • Total Payments - The total number of loan payments.
  • Total Interest - The total amount of interest on the loan.
  • Schedule (array) - An array of the amortization schedule. (This can only be displayed properly in a Custom Component.)
  • Payment Amount - The amount of each payment.
  • Schedule (HTML Table) - An HTML table of the amortization schedule. (This can be displayed in a Rich Text field.)