Export Templates

What are export templates

Export templates are a way of pre-defining records to be exported with the click of a button. 

Why use export templates

In use cases when you need systematic exports of data with predefined conditions and settings export templates are very useful. For example: if every sunday you need to export all the records from the previous week and include certain field values and conditions you can create an export template and use that button to auto generate the perfect CSV.

Creating Export Template

To get started, select the data table for which you would like to make an export template, then select Exports:


Next, click on Add New and give your template any name you wish. Then choose the fields which should be included or click "Add All Fields" in the export and press Save.  


Export Conditions

You can add conditions to only export records that match your pre-defined criteria. For example, enable your users to export records but only the records that belong to them. 

Using Export Templates

Export templates can be used in the builder and from within your app. 

Exporting from the builder

From the records tab of any table click on Exports and choose the template you wish to use. 


If you added conditions that are only applicable from the front end, for example, user must be logged in - none of the records will be exported. 

Exporting from the app

To export records from the app you must enable the export option in the Table Component. Please see this section of the Table Component for more details. 

Enable Exports in Tables

Coming soon there will be a standalone export component that can be used without using the table.