In this document, we will be going over how to use an address field to display a static street view thumbnail.

As you can see in the GIF below, we can enter an address and then view the street view on the details page.


First, let's go over the fields that are required for this to work


  1. Address
  2. Text Formula A
  3. Text Formula B
  4. Street View Source (Equation Field)




1. The Address Field

For the address field just make sure to include the Address, City, State, and Zip


2. Text Formula A

For this field, we'll need to paste the following text:


3. Text Formula B

For this field, we'll need to paste the following text:



4. Street View Source (Equation)

For this field, we'll need to use the Text Function Concat()

CONCAT({Text Formula A},{Address - Address},{Text Formula B})


Now that we have all the necessary fields we can add our table component with our addresses and include a details page where we will display our static street view picture. 

(Learn more about adding tables to your page here:


On our address Detail page, we will add an HTML componentBdHidXB-ibnsuqOTOAdrn4PeLpsnoeI8yQ.png

Next, let's add the following to the Source code of the HTML component

<p><img src="{!!Street View Source!!}" alt="" /></p>