Making apps mobile friendly

You can make your Tadabase apps mobile friendly by ensuring that the size of components within a column adjusts based on the screen size of the user.

You can customize any column and choose exactly how big the components within that column should appear on different screen sizes, as well as if the components within that column should be hidden entirely. 

You can make your app mobile friendly in just two steps:

  1. Find the column you would like to make responsive and click on the orange pencil icon to edit the column's settings.


2. A new window will pop up including the General settings for that column which include the column's width and visibility options. Use these options to customize how large this column should appear on each device size as well as if you would like to hide this column when viewed on certain devices. 


To get a better understanding of column sizing, remember that each page is divided into twelve equal columns. Therefore, if you customize a column to be 4/12 it will take up 1/3rd of the page. If you customize a column to be 12/12 it will take up the entire width of the page.