How to embed a Tadabase page on another website

In this document, we will discuss how to embed a Tadabase page on another website using the <iframe> tag.

To get started, navigate to the Tadabase page you would like to embed on another website and copy the URL:


Next, paste the page URL into the part of the code below that says "URL_GOES_HERE"

For instance, let's replace "URL_GOES_HERE" with the URL from the sample page we illustrated in the first image above. The resulting code should appear as such: 

Next, add the full HTML to the page you wish to embed.


Important Notes:

  • The Iframe can only be embedded if the domain it's being embedded belongs to the same domain as the app address. For example, if your app domain is:, the app can only be embedded in site. 


Here are several examples of how to add HTML to your page using a website builder.