Recently implemented features can be found in the updates section.

Details Pop Up Page

Similar to Edit page, designate a details page to open in a modal window.

📌 Please check the updates 📌

To see comprehensive list of updates, please view our updates page 👉 here. 

Raw Values in Emails

Ability to access raw values in form and action link emails. 

Embeddable Components

Ability to create embeddable components to easily add read-only data into your existing sites usi...

Remove hash from URL

Ability to remove the #! from the URL in the front-end of your applications. 

Builder API

Build and manage all aspects of your app via RESTful API. Create tables, add fields, update setti...

Equation Optimization

We are working on some equation and database optimization to optimize your data. This will mostly...

Search Component

Ability to add search fields that can filter any component belonging to the same data table on th...

Max/Min for Dates

Use Max and Min complex formulas on date fields (not just number field types)

Multi Value Dropdown

View several record values in join field dropdowns. 

Record Logging

Ability to track each record change and update. See what values changed and by whom. 

Incoming Webhooks

Ability to create webhooks with custom record automation for each webhook. 

Multi-file Uploads

Ability to add several files to the same File Field. 

Connected values in Pipes

Ability to use values from connected records as pipe parameters. 

Trigger Geo Updates

Trigger manual update to add missing lat/lon to any address fields missing the geo location detai...

Record details in Javascript

Ability to add field values from current details page inside the Javascript of a page. 


Pipes is an all-powerful, built-in integration system that enables you to access and trigger exte...

Export to Email

Ability to create export templates that can run behind the scenes and send an expiring link to th...

File Field Updates

Updates to file field type to choose custom link text and other options. When choosing Dropbox as...

Pivot Tables

Advanced Pivot Tables with side nav and details pop up links. 

Shared Builder

Share builder with other users including ability to define areas of access. Read more here.

User Subscriptions

New and updated User Subscription Component to enable accepting recurring payments from your users. 

Javascript API

Ability to add custom Javascript to all parts of the app at any part of the loading/saving cycle. 

Make Card Component Clickable

Add ability to make the card component clickable to go to another page or another connected page....

Single Sign On

Enable Single Sign On (SSO) to some popular providers. 

Improved Import Functionality

Ability to import larger record sets behind the scenes and see the import status in realtime.

2 Factor Authentication

Enable 2 Factor Authentication for users of your apps. 

Root domains

Ability to use Root Domains for your app, not just subdomains. 

Failed Logins

Enable custom lockout periods after too many failed logins to your app.  

Complete Scheduled Tasks

Finalize scheduled tasks and remove it from Alpha. 

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