Saving files to Dropbox

By default, files uploaded to Tadabase applications are saved to Tadabase's storage servers. Tadabase customers on select subscription plans have the option to save their files directly to their own Dropbox accounts instead of saving to Tadabase servers.

Should you choose to save your uploaded files directly to your Dropbox, please follow the following steps to integrate your Tadabase app with your Dropbox.

Integrating with Dropbox

In the Tadabase Builder, click on Settings on your app navigation bar, select File Storage Settings, and select Dropbox as your file storage option. Then click Authorize Dropbox to be routed to your Dropbox account where you will be prompted to login to your Dropbox account to link it with your Tadabase account.


Sign in to your Dropbox account to link it with your Tadabase app:ย 


Once logged in, click Allow to link your Tadabase app:


Done! As you can see back in your Tadabase app, you have successfully authorized your Dropbox integration.

Adding a folder path

Once you have successfully authorized Dropbox, you can then choose a specific Dropbox folder to save all your files to. Under Settings > File Storage Settings, simply enter your desired parent-folder name into the Folder Path option. Then click Save to save your new file storage settings.

For instance, as you can see in the image above, all uploaded files will now be saved to the parent-folder named "Tasks" and to "App/ App/Tasks" within Dropbox. This process occurs dynamically from within Tadabase.ย 

If you do not select a specific folder path, your uploaded files will be saved to "App/ App".

Multiple Apps

When multiple apps are connected to the same Dropbox account, all files will be uploaded into the same folder of "App/ App". We therefore recommend that you add a folder path within each app's settings so that all uploaded files will go to the unique path for that app. For instance, entering "Tasks" into the Folder Path field will save any files uploaded within this app to "App/ App/Tasks." For your next app, simply change the folder path to another parent folder within your Dropbox account to ensure that each app's files are uploaded separately to its own Dropbox parent folder.ย 


Adding file fieldsย 

You can also choose to further organize your uploaded files into Dropbox sub-folders by creating file fields within a data table.ย 

For instance, if you wish to save all files that are uploaded to a specific Invoice field to a specific Invoice sub-folder, you would create a new file field in your selected data table, name the file field "Invoices", and enter the name "Invoices" in the file field's folder path.ย 

Now, when uploading files into this specific Invoice field, the files will be uploaded into a sub-folder named Invoices. This process occurs dynamically from within Tadabase. Assuming, you set your Folder Path within your Dropbox Settings to "Tasks", the full path for these uploaded files will be: "App/ App/Tasks/invoices/".

Dynamic date paths

When adding Folder Paths within file fields, you can choose to add dynamic date folder paths as well to dynamically save your files to the current date.

At this time, there are three dynamic date folder paths you can use:ย 

  • {day} - Example: 5
  • {month} - Example: "6" for June.ย 
  • {year} - Example: 2020

Each of these values will be dynamically updated based on the current date.

For instance, if today's date is June 5th, 2020, setting the folder path of a file field to "invoices/{year}/{month}/{day}" will save the file to "App/ App/Tasks/invoices/2020/6/5/unix_timestamp-myfile.pdf"ย 

Testing your Dropbox integration

You can test your Dropbox integration by uploading a file to a field and you will see the file appear inside of your Dropbox account under the folder you specified:



Removing your Dropbox integration

You can disconnect your Tadabase app from your Dropbox account at any time by going to and selecting the Disconnect button under your Tadabase App.ย 



Additionally, you may remove the Dropbox token from your Tadabase app by clicking on Settings on your app's navigation bar, selecting File Storage Settings, and selecting the Remove Dropbox Token button.ย 


Once you confirm this removal, your file storage location settings will refer back to the default server setting.