Saving Files to Custom S3 Bucket (Account Method, Recommended)

Please Note: For easier setup and troubleshooting, we highly recommend using this Account Method to create your AWS S3 Bucket. Please follow the steps below to create a new S3 bucket. 

By default, files uploaded to Tadabase applications are saved to Tadabase's S3 bucket storage servers. Tadabase customers on select subscription plans have the option to save their files directly to their custom-hosted S3 buckets.

There are significant benefits to saving files directly to your custom-hosted S3 buckets, including:

  1. Files stored in your custom S3 bucket will not be counted towards your Tadabase storage limitations.
  2. Satisfy your company or organization file storage compliance policies
  3. Custom storage provides complete and customized control over your file storage method preferences.

Should you choose to save your uploaded files directly to your custom S3 bucket, this article will guide you through how to accomplish this. 

Before we get started on how to set up your custom AWS S3 bucket, there are several items to note: 

  1. At this time, secure files do not work with custom S3 buckets.

  2. By choosing to upload files directly to your custom S3 bucket, you take sole responsibility for your file storage and understand that Tadabase can not troubleshoot any issues related to your S3 bucket or AWS account. 

  3. Changing your file storage location will not migrate existing files in your app. 


To get started, create a new bucket in S3 (link). Give it a unique name and select the region of your choice.

Under "Object Ownership," ensure the "ACLs enabled" option is selected. Leave everything else as the default: 

Under "Block Public Access settings for this bucket," choose the following options: 

You can choose to add Tags and enable Encryption and Bucket Versioning. These settings are optional and do not impact the integration into Tadabase. 

Next, click the Create Bucket button: 

Next, open this newly created bucket: 

Click on the Permissions tab: 

Under "Access control list (ACL)," click on the top Edit button:

Towards the bottom of the page, click on the Add Grantee button and paste in the value supplied by Tadabase Support. Check off all four checkboxes at the top of the page as shown below:

Click on the Save Changes button. 

Back in your Tadabase app, under File Storage Settings, select AWS S3, select Account Method, and enter the name and region from the earlier step: 

By following these steps you will have successfully set up your AWS S3 Bucket for custom file storage.