Save all uploaded files directly to your dropbox 

Save all uploaded files directly to your dropbox instead of our own servers by following these simple steps. 

  1. Click on Settings, the select "File & Storage Settings"
  2. Select Dropbox
  3. Click Get Token



You will be prompted to login to your dropbox account, once logged in click "Allow" 




To test and understand more of how it works do the following. 
In any data table you wish to have files uploaded to: 

  1. Add new file field


2. Add a form for the data table which contains the file field 





Next preview the form and upload a new file 



Once uploaded go to your dropbox account and you'll see your file insde a " App" folder.  


You can remove access to your Tadabase app by simply clicking and clicking the X next to where it says Tadabase App