Shared Builder

We're now officially in testing phase of our Shared Builder feature. 

To learn more about shared builder, please see this article: here.

To join our beta testers, please contact support@tadabase.io for instructions on how to access this private beta feature. 

Roadmap, Community and Updates


We're excited to finally launch our public roadmap page which can be found as part of this doc portal or by clicking here: https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/roadmap



We've also recently started a new community using the beloved Discourse as our platform. Come join us at community.tadabase.io. As we've been growing we decided to invest our time in rebuilding a community on a platform that is better than what we were previously using. We've already seen very interesting community interactions. While this is a place for community to interact with each other we plan on being active on it as well. 

This community is not intended for reporting bugs, rather getting assistance from other Tadabasers. For bugs or other issues, please continue to report those to support@tadabase.io



Similar to the Roadmap update above, we're looking to consolidate all our different services into a single portal so you can come to one place to see docs, roadmap and finally updates. We have therefore moved our updates from updates.tadabase.io to this same portal (which you're currently looking at). The updates.tadabase.io link will continue to work and route you here accordingly. 

Still to come - we will also be adding the developer portal as well as status pages into this one centralized platform. 

More Builder Updates

We've added many additional updates to the builder to address some lag issues with large apps. You will now see drastic improvements in the builder loading and working within components. 

Loading Screen

One of the most notable updates is the new loading screen which will show you the loading status. 



Dynamic Page Loading

Page are now dynamically loaded when page is selected. 

We've also introduced many additional changes behind the scenes to ensure your app can easily scale as well as layed the foundation for page versioning, logging and shared builder. More on this coming soon.  

Custom icon and loading gif

You can now choose to customize or hide the loading gif entirely as well as use your own favicon.


You'll find these options inside the Settings > General Settings under the Design Settings section.


Release of our updated builder

The updated Tadabase builder is here! Thanks to all of our incredible beta testers and their continuous feedback, we are finally ready to roll out the latest updates to our builder. The beta response has been tremendous and we are excited to release the updates to our entire Tadabase community.

Keep reading to view the list of updates that were added to our builder.


Builder Breadcrumbs


At the very top of the builder, we've added a breadcrumb menu so you can keep track of where you are within the builder and navigate throughout your app with greater ease.


Access data table's sub-menus from data table list


Navigate to sub menu items directly from the data table list. Additionally, you'll see the total quantity of each item. For instance, in the image above you can see that the Users data table has 1 import template.


Drag and drop improvements within components


We've optimized all movement within components for simpler resizing of columns and the ability to add fields directly to the top or bottom of any column.


Add components using dropdown


You can now add data and system components directly from within a column using the built-in dropdown menu.


Right click component to view menu


Right click on any component to open that component's dynamic menu.


See delete impact before you delete an item


When deleting a row, column, or component, see what else will be impacted by this delete before you confirm the delete.

Additional minor updates:

  • Double click a field and/or component to open it
  • See if a field is unique on the list of fields page.
  • Made a bad change, simply don't save your changes.
  • New Custom Footer code option to add footer code to your app.


Upcoming Updates

It's been a bit slow with updates since we're working on several big items which are taking longer than we anticipated.

Here's some updates you can look forward to being rolled out soon:

  1. Ability to import any size CSV
  2. Export large data sets and get email with link to file
  3. Updated equations that cascade to N levels of connections
  4. Updated Queue services to handle larger operations to speed up saving records.
  5. Simpler custom domain SSL Certificate creation
  6. Ability to use APEX (aka Root) domains, not just sub-domains with SSL certificates.
  7. New search component

And of course the updates to the builder which you can read more about below.

Builder Updates (Beta)

We've been making many changes to the builder to make it easier and quicker to build out your app.

New changes include:

  • Preview Mode


  • Simpler column resizing


  • Optimized moving columns and components


    • Cleaner page structure

    • More clearly defined buttons

    • Autosave or manual save - choose if page should automatically be saved after each change vs manually saving.

    • Expand and collapse all rows

    If you're interested in joining our beta and testing these features be sure to let us know and we'll give you instructions on how to do log onto the updated builder.

Logged In User Details In Javascript

You can now access the logged in user's values inside the Javascript of a page or layout.


A practical example where this can be helpful is if you were to add a chat widget and include the logged in user's details. See this integration article on how to accomplish this: http://docs.tadabase.io/categories/manual/article/chat-widgets

PDF Fixes

  • Basic Formulas in PDF now show up correctly
  • Complex Formulas in PDFs now show up correctly
  • When specific roles were used to secure a page, PDF would not load. This has been fixed.

New Validation Conditions

There are now 2 new validation options available for text fields.

  • Character length is less than
  • Character length is greater than

Easily validate and check if the text field matches your requirements.

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