Recently updated features and enhancements.

New! Select connected fields from table and list views in a form

We've just released two exciting new ways to select connected fields within a form.

Previously, when selecting a connected field within a form, the only method was a simple dropdown list which would display the connected field options. 

With this new update, there are now three ways to select connected fields:

  1. Dropdown (original)
  2. Table View (New!)
  3. List View (New!)

Let's take a brief look at the new table and list views.

Table View

Connected field options will display in a clean and comprehensive table view. 

Table View allows you to choose up to five field values to be shown when selecting a connected record. Once selected, the record will slide up above the field and can be removed if necessary. 

connected Field Table

List View

List View is similar to Table View but formatted as a list with the field titles above each field value. 

connected Field List



CSS Classes in Cards

We've added a minor update to the Cards Component with unique classes to each part of the card to make custom themes easier to create. 

Support documentation for creating custom themes soon to come. 

Image format for Link and File Fields

With so many users storing images in the file and link fields, we've updated these fields with a new option to make displaying images easier. 

Meta Tags (SEO) Updates

You can now customize individual pages and add custom Name and Property tags to your site. Also, when disabling the Fragmented URL, you can add app-wide tags to be applied to all pages. 

Some of the benefits include: 

  • Google Verification - add a tag requested by Google to verify your domain
  • Open Graph - Add custom tags that can be used for unfurling a domain name among other such benefits
  • SEO - Add custom Keyword, description, or other SEO-friendly tags to your site. 

Coming soon you'll be able to set custom values on detail pages based on the current page's record. 


New Export Component

We've added a new Export Component to enable you to easily download records from the app-side.



You can easily add the new Export Component to a page on your app by selecting it from the list of Data Components. 


You can customize the export file name as well as limit the file to the user who requested the export. 

Raw HTML Variables in Emails

You can now add Raw HTML variables inside emails similarly to how you add them in HTML components. For example, when adding an address field you can select just a part of the address like so: {!!Address.state!!}

Stripe Subscriptions Update

The new and improved Stripe Subscription Component has been officially released from alpha and is ready for supported use. 

We have rebuilt the Stripe Subscription component from the ground-up to allow for greater ease of use and admin controls. Now, you can easily add and manage the Stripe Subscription Component to charge your users on a recurring basis with custom-defined subscription plan settings.

What's new: 

  • Added Record Rules for when someone subscribes
  • Create a new dynamic table to manage and maintain subscriptions
  • Added options to manage the subscription types
  • and so much more. 

Please see this article to learn more.  

Javascript Record Details

While working inside a details page, you can now add values from the current page's record as a variable inside Javascript. 

Partner Builder API (preview)

We are in the final stages of developing our Tadabase Partner API which will unlock limitless capabilities for Tadabase Partners and their clients to create and modify just about anything in their apps using API endpoints. This means that you and your clients can make instant, powerful changes to your apps without ever having to log into the Builder.

The implications for the Partner API are endless, but some examples of the incredible ways you can utilize the API include:

  • Create an interface for your clients to update their app settings
  • Allow your clients to change their domain names
  • Access impactful logs not available in the Builder such as builder logins, backups, and page views

Using API endpoints, you and your clients will be able to create and modify your apps including the ability to:

  • Copy your app
  • Add new tables
  • Add new fields
  • Set page settings/options
  • Change app settings (Domain/layout etc.)
  • and so much more

At this time, nearly all options available in the Builder will work from the API except for the ability to add content to app pages and layouts which must still be done in the Builder. 

Currently, the Tadabase Partner API is in beta and available only to a select group of partners who have been closely involved in its development. We aim to launch the API to all partners in the near future.

Filter records in child pages with or without a connection

When working inside a child page, you can now filter the records in the child page based on a value from the current page's record.

For example, say you have a Companies data table and an Events data table and these two data tables are not connected. Within the details page of a specific company, you can now create a filter to only show records of events that are located in the same state as this company's headquarters- even without there being an existing connection between the Companies and Events data tables.

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