Recently updated features and enhancements.

Updates to Formulas and Equations

Over the past few months we've rebuilt how formula and equation fields are processed and updated. We're excited about the improvements and have rolled this out to limited users. We've heard raving feedback and we are now eager and ready to push the update to more users. If you'd like to test this, please let our support team know along with the URL in your builder of the app. 

Key Updates: 

  • Cascading Updates¬†- any field that depends on an updated field will be updated, regardless of how many tables away it is from the table being updated. For example, if you have a basic formula that gets updated by a basic formula in the parent table, which in turn also gets updated by its parent, the updates will always be accurate.¬†
  • Speed Improvements¬†- in some cases with complex relationships and formulas we've seen speed improvements from 60 seconds to less than half a second! That's not an exaggeration.¬†
  • Update Tables¬†- as you can see in the image below, any field that updates an equation and any equation that is updated by another field can be easily seen inside the field settings.¬†


In the coming weeks we intend to also add ability to add custom indexing. This is often required when your tables get into the hundreds of thousands of records. For now, please contact support if you have many records and you're seeing a lag.  

UI Updates for Icon Picker, Page Rules, Page Security, etc.

In our most recent update, we've unified our new User Interface by adding the new UI to Page Rules, Page Security, and more.

Page Rules


Page Security



Icon Picker

Additionally, our new Icon Picker can be found globally throughout the Builder. The example below is from Display Rules inside a Table Component.


Action Links - Page Redirects

In our most recent update, we've added the ability to redirect to another page with an Action Link

You can choose to either redirect to a parent page, or an existing page in your app.


Data Components: Checkmark for fields that have already been added

In our more recent update, we've added a small quality of life improvement.

When adding fields to a Data Component, a checkmark will appear next to a field once you've added it to a column. When deleting a field from a column, the checkmark will disappear. 

We hope you find this useful when displaying Data Components that contain a large amount of data.


Run Record Rules before or after Validation Rules

In our most recent update, we've added the ability to run Record Rules before or after Validation Rules. 

We hope that this added functionality will give you more control over your workflows when adding or editing records with the Form component.


Add equation fields in Cards and Charts

In our most recent update, you can now use Equation Fields as Sum or Average functions in Cards and Charts. 


In the Cards component, select your Equation field when using the Sum or Average formula function, and set conditions based on the Equation field.



In the Charts component, select your Equation field in the Calculation section to display data in your Chart based on the Equation field.


Display Options for Multi-Value Dropdowns

In our most recent update, we've added the ability to display multi-value dropdowns as "inline". See the difference below!

Dropdown (default)


Inline (new)


Additional options for Date and Time fields in Page Builder

In our most recent update, we've added additional options when editing a Date or Time field in a Component in your Page Builder.


The options include:

Restrict available selections in the date picker

  • Past - only show dates today or after.
  • Future¬†- only show dates today or before.
  • Day Range - set the available date selections to a number of days before today & a number of days after today.
  • Date Range - set the available date selections to a specific range of dates.

Show/Hide Week Numbers

  • Toggle between showing week numbers, or hiding week numbers in the date picker.

Select the starting day of the week

  • Select the starting day of the week to display in the date picker.

Limit allowed days

  • Select days of the week that are available to be selected. For example, only Monday-Wednesday are available to select.

Hour and Minute Step

  • When using the time picker, limit hours to increase/decrease by X number of hours, and minutes to increase/decrease by X number of minutes. In the example below, hours are set to step by 3 and minutes are set to step by 15.


Reorder Data Tables and Pages

With our most recent update, you can now reorder Data Tables, and Pages to better organize your Builder.

It's easy! Just drag and drop to reorder!


Embeddable Components



We're excited to announce a new feature - Embeddable Components!

Embeddable components allow users to generate a script that can be used outside of your Tadabase application to display components from your application. An example of this could be displaying records on a public facing company website, like current inventory, public roadmap, or real estate listings.

The current feature set of App Embeds is limited to the following:


  • Table
  • List
  • Kanban
  • Accordion


  • Match all
  • Match any

Details Pop-Up

  • Add fields to display in a details pop-up

There will be updates made in the future that allow Embeddable Components  to display:

  • Forms
  • Timeline
  • Calendar and Resource
  • Secured components requiring logins
  • Whole apps

If you would like to see an example of a table embedded into an external site, click here.

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