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Tadabase Support has switched to Intercom!

Customer Success 2.0

Our customer support email has changed! Please use help@tadabase.io for all support related requests.

We're thrilled to announce that we have switched to Intercom to manage customer support chat and tickets! Since the early days of Tadabase, we built a robust support system that enabled us to provide top-notch support that set us apart from the competition. We're now ready to take that to the next level and transform our support systems into truly a exceptional and engaging experience.

By switching to Intercom, we're able to gain deeper and more meaningful insights into who you are and how you use Tadabase. As we continue to scale, we're focused on providing proactive AND reactive support for all customers. It has always been top priority that we build strong and meaningful relationships with our customers, working hand-in-hand to enable your success. Through this transition, we're focused on providing additional resources to you, as well as our team members, to make your Tadabase experience the ultimate success story.

Here's what you can expect going forward:




The chat widget is now always visible above the profile icon inside the Builder. Through this new widget, you'll find new options and resources such as access to our knowledge base, recent updates, release notes, news, and more.




Let's be honest, we talk a lot! The conversations we have with our customers through our support team, or through our community are insightful and valuable! That's why we've made conversations a focus in this update. Conversations can be started at anytime through the chat widget, or through email. Existing conversations can be accessed at anytime and it's now easier than ever to access conversations from multiple devices.


You'll notice that there is no longer a dedicated ticket submission form inside the Builder. Tickets can now be created in the following ways:

  • directly inside the chat widget through a guided process
  • by our team members on your behalf
  • by creating a ticket from an ongoing conversation

Once a ticket is created, you'll be able to track the progress of that ticket through notifications in the widget, as well as, through email notifications as the ticket is updated Additionally, while the ticket is open, the conversation can continue as usual.


You can now expect to hear from us more often! We'll be using Intercom to send important announcements, updates, surveys, in-builder messages, event based emails, and product tours.

For example:

When we release a new feature, you'll be notified directly inside the builder with links to our documentation and guided product tours to help you better understand how to enable and use new features.


We're excited to hear your feedback!


-- That's all for this update, thanks for reading!



Filter based on Connection in details page

Inside a details page, you can now filter a connection field based on a shared value. 

This is quite complex, please see video below for a clearer understanding of when you might use this. 

QR/Barcode Scanner

We're excited to finally release the built-in QR code scanner. It can now be enabled in any text or number field of a form. 

To enable the scanner, select the field in the form and enable the scanner option by clicking "Enable Scanner"

Once enabled, a scanner option will appear next to the field. 

Set Login page as homepage

In the past the default pages were not able to be set as the app's homepage. Going forward the login and signup pages can be set as the home page as well. 

Attachments in cover image of lists

Since the image field is no longer available, the Attachment field can now be used as a cover image inside of the list component. 

Sorting in Pivot Tables

Pivot tables can now be sorted by any single or multiple column values

As you can see in the image below, the table is sorted by the Total in Desc order: 

Pagination Location

Inside of the Table and Lists you can now customize where the pagination should appear. You can choose between top, bottom, both and hidden: 

As you can see below, we've moved the pagination to only appear in the bottom: 

Stripe Physical Reader

Tadabase E-commerce now supports the BBPOS WisePOS E reader natively inside of the app. 

Once the Reader is setup inside of your Stripe account, simply drop in the location ID from stripe into the form and you're done: 

Layout Security

Perhaps a long over-due change. Pages can now be secured from the layout level. 

Any pages nested inside the layout will follow the security restrictions of that layout. 

New User Menu

We've tweaked the user menu to be more modern and work with any image field inside of your Users table. 

To utilize the new User Menu, simply remove the existing User Menu in a Layout and add a new User Menu. 

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