Recently updated features and enhancements.

New Search Component

The highly anticipated Search Component is here, better and more powerful than even we imagined.

New Search Gif

We took the basic search component and supercharged it with all-powerful search functionality, cross-data component result displays, custom designs and result outputs, and powerful behind the scenes admin controls.

Empower your users to search with custom fields and conditions and retrieve results across all data components that match their search queries.

Learn more about the newly released Search Component here: https://bit.ly/2C6q49F

Several Minor Updates

We've made several minor changes within the builder. 


Choose if Dropbox files should be opened within Dropbox or downloaded immediately. 





Use "Logged in User's Fields" within Action Links: 



Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed bug of connected form values within emails sending ID instead of the converted values.
  • Fixed bug of table rules not running when adding new record via a calendar. 
  • Fixed bug of Tasks not showing up for Users data table. 
  • Fixed issue with dependent drop-downs when there is multiple connections to the same table. 
  • Fixed signature field issues when using Dropbox as the file storage. 
  • Trigger Geo-location Update on Address fields after records are imported. 

Track Deleted Records

You can now enable tracking for deleted records which will log all the details each time a record is deleted. 

View deleted records by clicking on the Trash icon at the top right-hand corner: 

Learn more about enabling this feature here: https://docs.tadabase.io/link/339#bkmrk-enabling-deleted-rec


Record Change Logs

You can now see all changes made to a record. 

View all record changes from within the Builder by clicking on the history tab next to any record: 

Or, view all record changes from a data component on your live app.

You can even choose which columns should be visible when viewing record changes. 

You can read more about record logging here: https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/manual/article/record-logs


Please note: 
This feature must be manually enabled for each data table you wish to track.

File Field Link Updates

You can now customize the download link when displaying a File field.

  • Use File Name - all links will use the name of the file without the manually added timestamp. For example: Invoice-1.pdf
  • Use Custom Value - all links will use the same link. For example: Download
  • Use Field Value - use the value from another field for the download link. 


Scheduled Tasks Update

We're excited to finally bring Scheduled Tasks out of Alpha. We've implemented many significant improvements to scheduled tasks and after weeks of testing have updated all our USA servers to include the new updates.


To learn more about using scheduled tasks, please see this support doc: https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/manual/article/automating-tasks

If you're already using tasks, please note the following: 

  1. You must re-save the task for it to be automated.  
  2. The timezone in your app settings will determine when this task runs. If you change the timezone, please refresh the builder and re-save the task. 

Dropbox File Updates

You can now customize which folder all uploaded files in your app get saved to when using the Dropbox integration. 


Read more on using this update here: https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/manual/article/saving-files-to-dropbox

Thanks to @suiteUpstairs for this great suggestion. 



Link within Card Component

We have released the update 1 of 2 in card component. You can now make cards clickable to navigate to another page within the app. 


At this time the link can only go to parent pages. We will soon add ability to navigate to pages related and connected to the page the card component belongs to. 

Accessing the Shared Builder

Shared builders are now officially available and can be enabled from within your app by clicking the Share button on the top right-hand side of your app. 


To see more details about using Shared Builders, please click here: https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/manual/article/sharing-your-app-builder

Shared Builder

We're now officially in testing phase of our Shared Builder feature. 

To learn more about shared builder, please see this article: here.

To join our beta testers, please contact support@tadabase.io for instructions on how to access this private beta feature. 

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