Stripe Checkout

The stripe checkout integration enables you to charge a credit card at the time a form is submitted. 

In the article below we'll go over how to configure a Stripe integrations and start accepting payments. The process is generally 4 steps. 

  1. Add Stripe Credentials
  2. Add credit card element to a form
  3. Set the charge details
  4. Set response details (optional)

Add Stripe Credentials: 

Inside your Stripe account, copy the Publishable Key and Secret Key:

Next, paste these values inside your app settings. 

We recommend using test settings initially to ensure you configure it properly. Stripe does not refund the processing fee when issuing a refund which can quickly add up during testing. 


Add Credit Card Element to the Form

Inside a form, you wish to process a credit card, add the Stripe element anywhere in the form. 

Once added the element will appear inside the form: 

Click on the element to configure the rest of the required settings: 

Payment Values

Inside the payment, values are where you set the specifics of what Stripe will receive. There are 2 required values that must be configured: Amount and Currency. These values can originate from the form, be hardcoded (custom), and come from the logged-in users' record. 

You can add any custom values that are accepted in Stripe for the Charge method. You can see the full list here or at the bottom of this page. To set a custom value, choose custom and set the value to be used. In our example, we want to set the recipient email to the value of the logged-in user's email, we'd do the following: 

When using test mode, keep in mind the email will not be sent. 

You can see the full list of values you can place in the first text field below. 

Editing vs. adding records

The credit card processing runs after validation, but before the record is inserted into the database. This has implications as to which numbers can be used for the amount. 

When adding new records with a credit card form, only values from the form fields are available. Using a field that is not currently present in the form will not work. If you're editing a form, values already saved to the record can also be used including equation fields. 



Display Rules

Display Rules are not available in the Stripe Checkout fields for security reasons. To display Stripe Checkout conditionally, you can use CSS Rules, but the form cannot be submitted when the Stripe Checkout information is hidden and has not been filled out.





Using a physical reader

Tadabase works natively with the WisePOS E Setting this up to work with your app requires a few steps and is not available in test environments, only live.