How do I get started?

Building your app on Tadabase really comes down to an easy 3 step process:


1. Building your data structure in the Data Builder

2. Designing your pages and components in the Page Builder

3. Interacting with your data via your users, custom workflows, and analytical reports


Step 1: Build

When you first sign up for Tadabase you'll be asked to choose between starting with a pre-built template app from our comprehensive library of sample apps or starting from scratch


If you choose to go with a template, simply choose the template you wish to work with, click Copy App, and begin customizing it to your own specific needs.


Or, if you choose to build your app from scratch, select this option and give your app a name and optional description. When you build your app from scratch, you can either import a data file that you already have by selecting Import and uploading your CSV file, or you can yet again choose to start from scratch by entering your data manually in the Data Builder. Entering your data manually from scratch requires getting to know the Data Builder and the basics of using data tables and fields, which you can master in our Navigating the Data Builder section of solution articles. 


Step 2: Design

Once you build your data structure, you can then move on to the Page Builder where you'll design how your data will appear on your app. This is where you'll customize your pagespage layouts, and components, all of which you can master in our Navigating the Page Builder section of solution articles. 


Step 3: Interact

Once you design how your data will present to your users, you can then define exactly how you want your users to interact with the data in the Users section of the builder. This includes defining your users and their roles, defining the access you want specific users to have based on their job capacities, and creating a custom workflow amongst your users with automated tasks and streamlined collaboration. With a custom automated workflow of your own design, all that's left to do is sit back and watch your users collaborate seamlessly and productivity soar on this powerful, custom app that you've built in these 3 easy steps! To master all the ways you and your users can interact with your data on your app, browse through the Working with Users section of solution articles.


For  more information on getting started, visit our How to Begin and Get to Know the Builder sections as well as all of our solution articles at For more in depth tutorials, feel free to browse our YouTube tutorial videos as well.