Can I integrate with Salesforce?

While it is certainly possible to integrate your Tadabase apps with Salesforce, we do not have a built-in method of facilitating this type of integration.
We recommend utilizing API and Webhooks to facilitate integrations with external platforms. You can find additional information to help you get started here:
If you prefer to utilize a tool to facilitate your connection between Tadabase and Salesforce, we also have available integrations with Zapier and Integromat. We choose to recommend these as a second option as these options rely on the performance of the chosen tool to ensure that your integrations function as expected. Below you can find links to the Tadabase integration with these tools. As a note, I did take a moment to check on both and found that each tool has available integrations with Salesforce as well.
While we do support these solutions and can certainly help you out with questions, concerns, or issues you experience, with processes connection to external platforms, we are limited to covering the Tadabase side of the integrations.