New feature releases and development updates

Builder Email Security

To add additional security to the builder, we've added an option so you can receive an email each successful login.


Pagination Updates

Added custom pagination, enter a page number and press enter to just to particular page.


Secure PDF

When creating new file fields, choose for files to be secure.


This will only allow downloading files when its opened from within the app or builder.

Restricted PDF's

Fixed issue with PDF's being restricted on secure pages. Now when clicking to open a PDF from a secure page the link will indeed open the PDF. This will only work when opening a PDF from within the app.

Connection diagram

Added connection diagram to each table.


Zapier and Integromat

We've made many changes to the Zapier and Integromat integrations. We'd love to hear any feedback you may have.

At this time these integrations are only available using the invite links.


https://www.integromat.com/en/apps/invite/ca6699a791731110e9a3e4b0be249179 889-91d71522e24626713185c52272e05ceab9328691.jpg



Active Sessions

See who's currently logged into your app and the last time they were active. You can choose to log them out.


Updates in the tasks component

Many new updates in the tasks component.

You can now add the task component inside a parent page or details page to trigger pre-defined actions.

See this video for quick overview:

Survey Forms

In an effort to better understand our users, we've added some surveys we hope you'll take the time to fill out. Understanding our users and what value you're getting from Tadabase is helpful in shaping our direction and settings feature goals.

Zapier Integration

Connect your app with 1500+ other apps.

You can now use Tadabase + Zapier to connect your Tadabase app with over 1500 apps on Zapier's ecosystem.

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