Recently updated features and enhancements.

Block IP by CIDR Blocks

If you're looking to restrict access to your app to only work within  your organization and you have multipe IP addresses, you can now do so by using the CIDR block. 


New JavaScript Callbacks

We've added an additional 2 callbacks for JavaScript API. 

  1. Get the user token of the logged in user. 
  2. Trigger a callback after a user logs in successfully.

Read more here, or see below. 


Gets the token of the logged in user. Can be usedful if systematically triggering page/user API calls and requires the logged in user token. 

var userToken = TB.getUserToken();

Get User after successful login

Callback after a user logs in successfully to the app. Be sure the component id matches the login components ID.

TB.render('component_4-login_success', function(data) {

Pages and User API

Building a native app and need to login to your Tadabase app? We're happy to introduce you to Pages and User API.

The Pages API empowers you to seamlessly interact with your app, mirroring the familiar experience of engaging with it directly. By leveraging this powerful API, you can effortlessly log in a user, effortlessly access records within a specific component tailored to that user, and save forms while preserving the existing rules and automations that have been meticulously set up.

Check out more details here.



New Operator in API

We have added a new operator to the API that allows you to filter a multi-select field and find records that contain any of the values you pass. The operator is called "contains_any." For example, if you have a multi-select field with three options (Basketball, Hockey, Football) and you want to find records that contain Hockey and/or Football, you can use "contains_any" with the comma-separated value of "Hockey, Football"

Perspective API Pipe


The Perspective API Pipe allows users to evaluate the level of perceived toxicity in written content.

Learn more: https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/pipes/article/perspective-api-pipe

Introducing PDF Pages 2.0

Hey Tadabasers! We’re super exited to announce that PDF Pages 2.0 is now LIVE 🎉

Here’s what’s new:

  • PDF Pages and Layouts are now created, and managed from the Automation section your app.
  • Create a PDF to show all records from a data table or create a PDF that functions as a detail page to show connected and related records.
  • PDF Themes
  • Generate PDF from a Record Link/Button
  • Generate and Attach a PDF in an Email
  • Generate PDF from a Scheduled Task*

*available on select plans

Read More 📃

Update! Create Custom Apps in Minutes with Quick Start Wizard

Select the Quick Start option to answer just a few questions to generate a custom app for your business.

  • New! Features with the⚡Lightning icon will generate apps that are completely ready to go.
  • Features with the 📅 Table Icon will generate the Data Structure, Roles, and Layouts so you can get started super quickly.


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Built-in Tabs

You can now add Tabs directly at the column level. 

Check out this feature spotlight for more details: 

Email Log Updates

We've made several changes to make outgoing emails easier to track and troubleshoot. 

If an email fails, you will see the reason as to why it failed:

Chart Updates

We're thrilled to let you know about many updates to charts. (This update is being rolled out slowly, if you do not yet have access please check back anytime after December 4th, 2022 at 1:00AM EST)

These updates consist of the following: 

  • Ability to add multiple series of data in the Bar/Column, Line and Area charts
  • Charts now support connection fields
  • Bar/Column charts can now be standard or stacked
  • 2 new options in Pie charts: Semi-circle as well as Donut
  • New design themes with ability to define your own theme
  • Fixed bug with sorting in charts
  • Charts now support Date fields

See below for a breakdown. 

Adding Multiple Series of Data: 

Within certain charts, you can choose to add additional series to be displayed inside the chart: 


Connection Fields

Connection fields can now be as the group-by field: 

Stacked vs. Regular

Bar and Column charts can be stacked. 


Column Charts

Bar charts can be rotated to become a Column chart instead with option of being stacked. 


Pie Chart Styles

Pie charts now support 2 new styles- Donut and Semi-circle: 



Within each chart you can define a pre-built theme or create your own theme. 

Current themes options have these colors defined:

Please see our docs on how to create your own theme. 

Finally, we've also fixed multiple bugs pertaining to charts including sorting, and issues when working with date fields. The latter still has several updates coming in the next few days. 

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