Recently updated features and enhancements.

Tadabase Achieves SOC 2 Compliance!


We usually only post feature updates here, but this is even more exciting to us than just a feature!

We're excited to announce that Tadabase is now SOC2 compliant. SOC2 is the most respected accreditation standard on the market and getting certified is just one more step we're making towards our obsession with security. 

Read more about what SOC2 is and why we chose to do this here: https://blog.tadabase.io/tadabase-achieves-soc2-compliance/


Connected Values in Pipes

We've recently rolled out a really exciting update for Pipes! Similar to other recent updates, this was largely requested by our users. Thanks to everyone who showed their support for this update 👍

You can now pass Connected Values in Pipe parameters!

What does this mean and why is it important? Previously, if you wanted to use a connected field value as a Pipe parameter, it was necessary to save that connected value to a field in the parent data table. This was inconvenient and messy as it required additional fields, record rules, and logic.

To explain this in more detail, let's set up an example of using the Slack Pipe. We'll use an app that manages Tasks and Employees For every Task record, an Employee will be assigned via connection field. We'll use a Form Component to add new Tasks and we'll run the Slack Pipe on form submission to send a message to the Employee when they've been assigned to a Task.


The Slack Pipe requires a Member ID to send a message to a user; we'll be storing that on the Users Data Table. **

Before this update, we'd have to also save the Assigned User's Member ID to the Task record for every Task record we created, in order to pass that value as a parameter in the Slack Pipe - since the Pipe is running on a form for the Tasks data table. The workflow looked like this...


After this update, all we need to do is select the connected value in our new Task form!


In the section titled "Set Parameters", you'll see a new option for Connected Value. Select whichever connected value you wish to pass to the Pipe.


And the final result


PDF Functionality Updates

Recently, our team has been digging into the PDF Component to add functionality and revamp the entire thing.

We're super excited to share many more updates but we'll start off with some new functionality for PDFs.

We've added support for Card Components.

Previously, the only Data Components available for use in a PDF were Table, List, and Details.

Adding a Card Component to a PDF is a great way to add detailed rollups, calculations, and summaries to your document in a stylish manner. Additionally, since this works the same as outside a PDF, you can add a static value to a Card as well.


New functionality for Table Components in PDFs

We've added the ability to add connected and related fields to a Table Component in a PDF.

By adding this functionality, it's no longer necessary to save connected values to a record in order to display them in a PDF, or display an additional Details Component 👍

That's all for now!

Happy building ❤️

Edit Account billing inside Account profile

Previously, in order to change your billing information for your Tadabase Account, you had a contact our support team 🚫

Now you can do this right inside the Builder by clicking on your Profile in the bottom left-hand corner under Edit Profile


That's all for now!

Happy building ❤️

Task Logs and Exports

Scheduled Tasks get an update!

To help add more context to each task, you can now view logs of each task, including:

  • Record IDs
  • Start time of each processed record
  • End time of each processed record

Additionally, you can now export these logs as a CSV.


That's all for now!

Happy building ❤️

Background Equation Updates

Tadabase is already fast 🚀

...but as your app grows larger, it's likely that you have added many different types of equation fields, from complex-formula fields to basic formula fields. When you're interacting with your application via forms or inline-editing, all of those equation fields require time to update in order to maintain data integrity and display accurate and up-to-date data. This is a natural process of building database applications.

Here's the thing: there's plenty of instances where you don't need those equations to update right now.

We've added the ability to process equations in the background while adding/editing data via Forms and while editing via Inline Edit.

This means that your forms and inline edits will be blazing fast. After your adding or editing is submitted, equations will process in the background leaving you free to continue working in your app without any wait time.

Inside the Form Component, you'll find a new toggle under the Options menu and for components that support Inline Editing, you'll also find a toggle there as well. That's all you need to do to give your app an extra boost!


That's all for now!

Happy building ❤️

Details Page in modal pop-up

We've added the ability to open a Details Page inside a modal pop-up.

This update was largely requested by users in the suggestion-box category of the Tadabase Community. If you haven't checked that out before, now is a great time! Lots of amazing suggestions! Thanks, everyone 😀

After adding a Details Link to a component, you'll see a new option to display as a modal. Very helpful for quickly viewing record details without disrupting your current page!


That's all for now!

Happy building ❤️

Builder UI Updates

We have big plans for the user interface of our Builder to improve the overall design and user experience and we're very excited to start rolling these updates out. To begin, we've started with some small UI redesigns to set the stage for future updates. Here's what we're sharing today...

Cleaned the Pipes!

We've redesigned the installation page for Pipes to be cleaner and more intuitive. You'll see familiar tabs to + Install Pipe and + Add Pipe, but we've moved the Pipe search and Pipe Categories to the top of the page. Pipes cards have also been redesigned to be more easily viewed on screen.



"My Apps" gets an overhaul

There have been some minor changes to the My Apps screen, which is the first page you'll see after logging in.

  • The clickable area of an App is more clearly defined
  • New hover animation for hovering over an App
  • Slight color and style changes

The biggest change that is new to the My Apps page is App Folders. Previously, there was no way to sort or organize all of your apps. With the addition of App Folders, you can now create unique folders to organize your apps any way you wish.



Better access to Help resources

We've redesigned and condensed how you access the plethora of helpful Tadabase resources. By clicking on the Help button, you'll not only find the content you're familiar with, such as Chat Support, Video Guides, and Support Ticket submission. You'll also find some new links too, such as direct links to our Blog and Community Categories, Tadabase Status, Developer Documentation, and more.



Quick access info drawers for Data Tables and Pages

We're really focused on making it easier for users to access the many settings that Tadabase offers. Data Tables and Pages both have their own dedicated Settings tab, but we've now added a Quick Access Info Drawer to easily view various settings without having to go into the Settings tab.


For Data Tables, you'll be able to see an overview of how many...

  • Fields
  • Rules
  • Tasks
  • Import Templates
  • Export Templates
  • Webhooks

For Pages, you'll be able to see an overview of...

  • Does the page have any CSS?
  • Does the page have any JavaScript?
  • Page Rules
  • Page Security
  • Page Status
  • Home Page

That's all for now!

Happy building ❤️

Custom Component

The Custom Component is a brand new way to create your own data components from scratch.

Are you familiar with HTML and CSS? The Custom Component is a solution for you.

While the traditional components available to you in the Page Builder offer some design capabilities like background color, border styles, and font styles; they are preconfigured to look and behave a certain way. The Custom Component is a blank slate with nearly all the power of our native components.

To put this in perspective, what if you wanted to display your records in a way that looks like Facebook posts? Totally possible with the Custom Component.

Here’s an example:


The Custom Component is part of Tadabase’s suite of Power Features; features that allow you to extend your application beyond the scope of a No-Code platform. Where other platforms might prefer you stay neatly packed inside a box, Tadabase tears the box open and lets you interact with your data in a wild, powerful, and imaginative way.

Check out this video playlist demonstrating how to use the Custom Component and some of its features.

The Custom Component is not yet enabled for all users and is currently only available by request. If you're interested in trying the Custom Component - please email support@tadabase.io

Page Versioning

Track Page/Layout Changes

All page and layout changes are now logged and easily visible so you can see what changes were made, and by whom.




Add ‘commit’ messages to any change.

Especially useful when working with multiple Builders, you can add a comment to each change that is made to know what was changed and why. Comments are optional by default, but you can force them to be required in your app settings.




If you made a mistake when building a page, you can roll back to a version before your change.




This same functionality applies to the CSS and JavaScript tabs.




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