Recently updated features and enhancements.

New! Post Tweets with an Image using the Twitter Pipe

Update to Twitter Pipe - New 'Send a Tweet with an Image' API Call

Enter the URL of the image and the text to be included in the tweet. Then watch it be tweeted in Twitter.



New! Upload Files to Your Google Drive

Update to Google Drive Pipe - New 'Upload a File from a URL' API Call

Enter a file URL and have it uploaded to your Google Drive.



TaxJar Pipe

Image Preview

The TaxJar Pipe allows users to calculate the amount of sales tax for an order.

Learn more: https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/pipes/article/taxjar-pipe

Ably Pipe


Ably provides a suite of APIs to build, extend, and deliver powerful event-driven applications, allowing you to offload the growing complexity of business-critical real-time data synchronization.

Learn more: https://community.tadabase.io/t/build-it-with-tim-how-do-i-send-real-time-notifications-in-my-app-ep-12/2346

and https://community.tadabase.io/t/use-javascript-to-trigger-a-page-or-component-refresh-when-an-integromat-scenario-is-completed/2061/3.

Updated Tadabase Text Utilities Pipe

New 'Extract Domain From Email' API Call

Enter an email address and receive the domain of the email.

November 2022

Freshdesk Pipe

Freshdesk, the online customer engagement solution from Freshworks, lets you streamline your company's customer support using the customer service software and helps you to efficiently manage your customers as you scale.

Learn more: https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/pipes/article/freshdesk-pipe


Generate CSV Pipe

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The Generate CSV pipe allows your users to export CSVs directly from your live Tadabase app. This Pipe allows your users to export a limited number of records, versus allowing your users to have full access to your database with the Tadabase 'Export' Data Component. 

Learn More: https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/pipes/article/generate-csv-pipe


Klaviyo Pipe

Image Preview

Manage your Klaviyo marketing through your Tadabase app. Use the Klaviyo API to create and manage lists, segments, profiles, and campaigns.

Learn More: https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/pipes/article/klaviyo-pipe

Change filter tabs to a dropdown

We're excited to finally release version 1 of our updates to Filter Tabs changes. Within the Data Table component you can switch the filter tabs to be a dropdown instead of horizontal tabs. 


Checkout this feature highlight to learn more: 


Newly Released Pipes - October 2022

Vertical Lookup Pipe

Similar to the vlookup() function in Excel, this function allows you to look up records in a data table by column and get the corresponding values. For example, get the price of an automotive part by the part number, or get an employee name based on their employee ID.

Learn More: https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/pipes/article/vertical-lookup-pipe

Microsoft OneDrive Pipe

You can use the Microsoft OneDrive pipe to view or manage your OneDrive folders and files and upload your Tadabase files to OneDrive.

Learn More: https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/pipes/article/microsoft-onedrive-pipe


Improved User Experience for Pipes!

We've made significant improvements to reduce the learning curve for using and building Tadabase Pipes.

Installing and Using Pipes

1-Click Install
New pipes now prompt for global parameters when installing pipes. (Ex: OpenAI, FedEx, Record Looper, Record Updater, Vertical Lookup, and more!)
The "Add Pipe" button has been moved to reduce confusion.



Links to Documentation and Video Tutorials


When installing pipes, you can now find links to the Pipe Documentation and/or Video Tutorial walking you through how to install/run the pipe.




Enable Debug Mode

Checking 'Enable Debug Mode' allows you to view the pipe response in the console of the live app.

Default Values Set in Parameters Tab Are Displayed in the Test Tab


The Overview 'Test' Tab Has Been Removed to Reduce Confusion


Table Rules - Pipe Validation Should Only Run if the Pipe is Set


For Table and Record Rules - Only Give the Option to Set Each Pipe Parameter Once 


Tadabase API Keys - Default Value for Name


When creating a Tadabase API Key, the Name field generates a default value.

Show Star for Required Parameters in Test Tab of API Calls
If a parameter is required, a star will appear in the Test tab next to that parameter.
Show Tooltips When Setting the Parameters in Rules
Parameter tooltips now appear when setting parameters in rules.
Order Pipes According to Number of Installs
Pipes are now ordered according to popularity.
Ability to View Dropdown of All Fields
When installing a pipe, you can now view a dropdown of all fields in the table you select.
Show Error Message When Required Parameters Are Not Set in Test Tab


Remove Requirement to Update a Record to Pipe Response
This requirement has been removed from both Record Rules and Table Rules.

Adding Custom Pipes

Link to Updated Documentation on Adding Custom Pipes


You can now find a link to the Updated Documentation on Adding Custom Pipes.

Global Headers
When building custom pipes, you can now add Global Headers (headers that get added to each API call).
Use Parameter Names in Request Instead of Slugs
Note: If you're using an existing pipe that already has parameter slugs, you MUST use the parameter slug.
Add Parameters to Request via Dropdown
You can add parameters to the Request by selecting the field from the dropdown. 
Response Validation was removed in order to reduce confusion.
Accept All Response Codes
Users no longer need to manually insert response codes; all response codes are accepted now.
Add an Option to Set the Parameter Type


Users can now set the Parameter Type to either 'Text' or 'Date/Time'.

Users can also set the date/time format when choosing the 'Date/Time' parameter type.

Populate Responses from Test Response


Users can now populate responses from the 'Test' tab by clicking on the 'Populate Responses' button.

This window will pop up. You can select which response keys you would like populated by ticking off the check boxes. The field names will also be populated; the field names can be edited as well.You can choose to overwrite saved responses if the responses have been populated before. Then click 'Populate' to save the responses in the 'Response' tab.





Newly Released Pipes - October 2022

A new API call has been added to the Base64 File Converter pipe: Convert Base64 Image to JPG File 

This API call allows you to convert a Base64 image string to a jpg file and save it back to your Tadabase record. 

See the documentation for more details: https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/pipes/article/base64-file-converter#bkmrk-finding-the-table-id

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