Recently updated features and enhancements.

View Equation Logs

We understand that equations are among the most powerful features of your application, but they can often lead to increased lag when saving forms. We are excited to introduce Equation Logging to assist you in comprehending the impact of each equation and to provide reports on the equations that are causing the most lag.

Now, within your application's logs, you will have access to a dashboard that displays all processed equations and highlights the top 10 slowest equations:

Additionally, when looking at any equation field, you can see the most recent equations that were run and how long they each took. Simply click on the Log button to view the full list: 

You will see the logs for this specific equation: 

Preserve Form Values

🚀 Exciting Update: Say Goodbye to Lost Form Data! 🚀

We're thrilled to introduce a game-changing feature that will make your Tadabase experience even better.

Here are three great reasons why you'll love it:

  1. No More Lost Data: Ever started filling out a form, only to lose everything because you didn't submit it? Those days are over! With our new feature, your form inputs are automatically saved, ensuring you never lose your progress, even if you accidentally close the page or temporarily lose internet.

  2. Seamless User Experience: We're all about making things easy for you. This feature ensures that your form-filling experience is hassle-free. You can easily pick up where you left off, with all your entered information right there.

  3. Boosted Productivity: With peace of mind about your data, you can focus on completing your forms efficiently. Whether it's a job application, survey, or any other form, this feature streamlines the process and makes you more productive.

At this time this feature doesn't work with the discontinued "File" field, but will work with the "Attachments" field. 

404 Error Page Updates

We've implemented a much requested change to 404 pages which will route users to a specific page you define if the page they are looking for is not found. If the redirect page is also somehow missing, the default message will be displayed. 

Upgrading to Delegated Event Handlers for Improved Functionality


As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with the best experience and ensure seamless functioning of your applications, we recommend an update to how you handle click events in your custom code.

What's the Issue?

If you're using jQuery to bind click events directly to elements, there's a chance these bindings might not work for dynamically added content. The classic method of binding looks like:

javascript code

// your code here

This method works perfectly if `#elementId` is present in the DOM when the page loads. However, if the element is dynamically added afterward (e.g., via an AJAX call, Tadabase components, or any other dynamic method), this binding won't be applied to the new elements.

To avoid any such discrepancies and ensure consistent behavior, we suggest shifting to Delegated Event Handlers. This method attaches the click event to a parent element and delegates the event to the target element, ensuring that even dynamically added elements are catered for.

The updated code looks like:

javascriptCopy code

$("body").on("click", "#elementId", function(){
// your code here

Here, the event is attached to the `<body>` and checks if the clicked element matches the selector `#elementId`.

Benefits of Making the Change

1. Consistency: Your event handlers will work uniformly, regardless of whether elements are statically present or dynamically added.
2. Performance: Although the change introduces a slight overhead, by targeting the nearest static parent element, you can maintain an optimized performance.
3. Future-Proofing: As Tadabase evolves, we'll likely introduce more dynamic components. Adopting the delegated event handler approach ensures you're prepared for any future updates.
4. New Breaking Features - We have some new features in progress which enables you to gain advanced functionality in the HTML component like pulling in URL variables and more. To do this, the above change must first be implemented.

Next Steps

1. Review your custom code on Tadabase.
2. Identify any direct event bindings that look like the first code snippet.
3. Update them to use the delegated event handler approach, as shown in the second code snippet.
4. Test your applications to ensure smooth functionality.

If you encounter any challenges or have questions about this process, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

We're here to help!

Updates to the Login Component + Forgot Password Form

Within the Login Component, a Forgot Password form is available for when Users forget their credentials. As an effort to make registration and login more streamlined, you can now set the Forgot Password form to be the default view when loading a Login Component. Here's an example of that in a practical use case:

1. Admin Staff of the application create a User record for someone

2. An email is sent to the new User for them to set their password for the first time.

3. The User is directed to a page with a Login Component, with the Forgot Password form set as the default view.

4. The User is prompted to fill out the Forgot Password form in order to set their password for the 1st time.

Additionally, you can now set a URL parameter for the Forgot Password email field, to auto populate the email field when directing a User to a page to reset their password.


Menu Component - Active Class for current page

We've made a  small but significant tweak to our Menu Component by adding an active class to the current page's menu item. Clicking a menu item will leave the item highlighted. Navigating to a page directly via URL will also toggle the active class.

Multiple Custom Domains

We've released a feature update allowing you to configure multiple custom domain, instead of just one custom domain. Using multiple custom domains allows you to route traffic from multiple domains to a single Tadabase application. Additional Domain slots are available for purchase through our support team.

Introducing Plugins!

We're super excited to introduce Plugins! 

Plugins enable you to easily add advanced page functionality with just 1-2 clicks.

Check out this Feature Spotlight for more details. 

View connected pages in popup

We've added a new option in the connected page settings where you can have the connected page open in a popup. 

Convert US State name to 2-letter abbreviation

We’ve added a new function for the Tadabase Text Utilities pipe that can convert a state name to its 2-letter abbreviation.

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