Recently updated features and enhancements.

Set Login page as homepage

In the past the default pages were not able to be set as the app's homepage. Going forward the login and signup pages can be set as the home page as well. 

Attachments in cover image of lists

Since the image field is no longer available, the Files and Attachment fields can be used as a cover image inside of the list component. 

Sorting in Pivot Tables

Pivot tables can now be sorted by any single or multiple column values

As you can see in the image below, the table is sorted by the Total in Desc order: 

Pagination Location

Inside of the Table and Lists you can now customize where the pagination should appear. You can choose between top, bottom, both and hidden: 

As you can see below, we've moved the pagination to only appear in the bottom: 

Stripe Physical Reader

Tadabase E-commerce now supports the BBPOS WisePOS E reader natively inside of the app. 

Once the Reader is setup inside of your Stripe account, simply drop in the location ID from stripe into the form and you're done: 

Layout Security

Perhaps a long over-due change. Pages can now be secured from the layout level. 

Any pages nested inside the layout will follow the security restrictions of that layout. 

New User Menu

We've tweaked the user menu to be more modern and work with any image field inside of your Users table. 

To utilize the new User Menu, simply add the new menu to your page and delete the old one. 

Change Pagination Text

Instead of pagination always showing the text  'x Records' you can now change the 'Records' text to any value of your choosing. 


Embeddable Components

The Embeddable Components feature has been polished and is now out of beta.

You can easily embed a Tadabase component in an external website using the Embeddable Components feature.

This is a great way to keep all your company data, such as Real Estate Listings, FAQs, and Pricing Tables, dynamically updated from one source of truth. 

View tutorial:

Check out the full documentation for more details: https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/manual/article/embeddable-components


Record Log Updates

We've made several significant changes to the record logs. When viewing logs you should see a significant speed boost when loading these records. 

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