Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a very powerful data reporting tool enabling you to create very complex reporting. With the Connector, you can pull Tadabase tables and records directly into Google Data Studio to run complex reporting. 

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We are currently waiting to hear back from Google about getting the connector verified

To get started, you'll first need to copy the Google Data Studio key from your API Settings within the Tadabase Builder: 


Next, find the Tadabase Google Data Studio Connector and click Authorize to authorize the Connector: 

After successfully authorizing the Connector, paste in the credentials you copied from the Tadabase Builder. 


On the next screen you'll be prompted to select which data table you wish to add to your report. Select the data table and click Connect

You'll see all the fields dynamically being pulled. Simply click Create Report.


You'll now be able to create complex reports from data in your Tadabase App.