Duplicate Record

This pipe is no longer supported on new apps. We recommend using Integromat or Zapier to achieve similar results. 


Using the Duplicate Record Utility, you can duplicate a record from either an Action Link or within a form record rule. 

Install Pipe

To get started, first install the Tadabase Record utility pipe. 


Add API Credentials

Once you have the Pipe installed, add your API credentials which can be found in your app settings into the Global Parameters tab. 



Utilize the Pipe

To utilize the Pipe you must pass 2 parameters: Table ID and Record ID. You can do this in an Action Link or Record Rule. 

Here we'll test this in the Action Link of a table. 

Keep in mind, pipes run based on values you wish to set. Therefore, there must be a value in the rule that is being set based on the response from a pipe. 

As you can see in the screenshot below, we created a field in the table called "Duplicate" and we set that value to Pipe Value of Status. 

If we don't set a value to be utilized from the response, this Pipe does not get triggered. 


Here's how it looks on our app side: 


Clicking this button will now duplicate this record.