Sending users to PayPal

A little trick to accepting payments via PayPal 


The ability to accept regular payments and subscription payments via Stripe and Paypal is on our roadmap, but until we've ironed that out here's a cool workaround to accept payments from Paypal in the meanwhile. 

Sign into your PayPal account, click on Tools > All Tools and select PayPal buttons.




Next choose what kind of payment you're looking to accept. For example, we'll choose Subscribe. 




Add all the details about your subscription, including cost, cycle, and any other details you wish to include. 




Once you've added all the details that are relevant for your button, click Create Button.

You'll be routed to a new page with some HTML code you'll need to use within Tadabase to get our payment set up. 




Let's copy and paste that code, but first we have to  and understand the code so we can paste the correct parts in the correct places. 

There are 3 items in the above code that we'll need: 

  1. The URL
  2. The Method
  3. The parameters - each parameter will have a name and a value



That's all we need to do on PayPal. Back on our Tadabase app, we can use any form to force our users to be routed to PayPal. 

Open any form in the app, choose Form Rules > Submit Rules > Add New Rule




Choose the following options:

Action: Redirect to another website URL

Condition: (add any conditions where an action should apply. For example, if the user chose the "Monthly Plan")